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Testimonials From Some Of My Clients

Darren Mann

Nate Armstrong

Dan Umbdenstock

Erik Ledezma

“Hybrid Agent has provided me with the guidance and expertise to grow my real estate sales business and expand into different verticals such as investing. Networking with agents and investors of this caliber has opened my eyes to the opportunities that the top real estate agents and investors across the country have taken advantage off.”

Colin Campbell

“The training I’m getting with Hybrid agent is amazing! It keeps me motivated and I’m always learning something new to help me close more deals. I have attended a multiple day seminar where Al was the main speaker. He is very knowledgeable, motivational, passionate and interesting. I take any chance I get to hear him speak.”

Ken Brown

“I have been associated with Al now for a few years. Each time I attended his conferences I was always impressed with all his knowledge and abilities. Furthermore, I always left with good and relevant information which assisted me in improving my lifestyle. ”

Julie V

“I’ve coached thousands of students, spoken at big conferences across the US, and consistently listen to some of the greatest communicators in America. Al PhilipNeri is one of the most sincere, honest, and motivational coaches & speakers I’ve ever witnessed. I never left a weekend with Al empty or dry but always left encouraged and motivated.”

Linda C.

“I highly recommend Al’s book. It is loaded with lots of great ideas that have helped me tremendously.”

Chad Merrihew

“I found Al’s speaking to be packed full of no nonsense relevant information and he is very approachable as well.”

Chris R.

“Ever since I became a real estate agent, I wanted to learn how to integrate the investment side of the business into my business. Hybrid Agent Network showed me how to do that. I am closing more deals as a result and now I have a plan to exit the business with multiple streams of income.”

Tyler Roicki

“Great family man. Honest & ethical! Proud to call him my friend! There is no better motivational speaker alive! Might be President one day!”

Arvid H.

“Excellent speaker and all around awesome person! Goes the extra mile to make sure you understand! Very knowledgeable about what he is teaching!”

Randy V.

“I had a chance to read your book. I thought it was good. I was able to implement some of what you wrote on exercise. One of my issues with exercise has always been to try and do too much and then I’d burn out. I like the 21 day approach though to make it a habit.”

“I’ve decided to do 10 push-ups a day for the first 21 days, then I’m going to add 10 squats and then I’ll add 10 sit-ups. I’m going to add these things slowly and I believe I’ll stick with them over the long haul.”

Hugo R

“Al Philip-Neri is highly knowledgeable in real estate investments and his coaching techniques helped take my investments to another level.”

Jen G.

“Very informative, easy to understand, accessible if you have questions, prompt answers to any questions you may have, trustworthy, honest, a man who has travelled down the roads to success and willing to share his knowledge.”

Gina A

Money creates opportunity, the question is opportunity for who? - Al Philip-Neri