Al Philip-Neri: Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, Public Speaker, Author, Trainer, & Coach

AL PHILIP-NERI is a London-born entrepreneur and real estate professional who embodies his well-earned motto: Global real estate with a local touch. In his youth, Al learned the life-changing potential of real estate investing by watching his parents grow from hard-working business owners striving for success to prosperous rental property owners achieving success. This life-changing experience ultimately led Al to develop his own career in real estate as an investor and licensed real estate broker, as well as a nationally and internationally recognized public speaker on real estate investing and sharing the principles that make up ‘A Balanced Life.’

REAL ESTATE BROKER, INVESTOR & PUBLIC SPEAKER | Like many professionals, Al understood that the majority of effective investment strategies are not taught in real estate schools. Consequently, he embarked upon an intensive, self-directed path of study with some of the industry’s top gurus learning how to implement sound investment principles for consistent and successful returns. Over the years, Mr. Philip-Neri has completed thousands of successful residential, commercial and investment transactions in 20 markets nationwide – including Denver, Kansas City, Seattle, Detroit, Buffalo, Winter Haven (Florida) and Atlanta, to name a few. His residential investment experience includes wholesale, fix and flips, single-family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, mobile homes, and apartment homes. Al now takes great satisfaction in training others how to generate the same level of personal success on his prolific speaking circuit for Professional Marketing International and Zurixx Financial, which includes all the major “fix-and-flip” shows of HGTV and A&E fame, such as The Flipping Formula, Flipping Vegas and Rehab Addict, to name a few. Additionally, Al branded his real estate experience of being a Hybrid Agent by founding Team Hybrid which is a top producing real estate team that represents clients in Residential – Luxury – Commercial and Investment Real Estate.

AUTHOR & COACH | Drawing on his background as a multi-faceted business owner, sales expert and coach, Al released his first book in October of 2012 – The Formula for a Balanced Life: 9 Strategies for Success – wherein he candidly explains the secrets to take control of one’s life and conquer the feelings of overwhelm that tend to dominate our lives. A consummate professional, Al teaches his Formula for a Balanced Life System on stage and within workshop settings. Some of the clients Al has presented for include Jefferson County School District, Fort Morgan County School District, and the State of Colorado, to name a few.

PUBLIC SERVANT | Holding an M.A. in Organizational Management and a B.A. in Psychology, Mr. Philip-Neri has over 20 years of experience in Special Operations, Juvenile Corrections, Management and Sales, Organizational Development, and Entrepreneurial Success. As a public servant, his leadership roles included Senior Drill Instructor and the Director/Warden of a juvenile prison. His additional, extensive background in high-profile and high-risk occupations in hostage negotiations and counter-terrorism measures, as well as his role as an Associate Professor in Criminal Justice at a local Denver university, clearly demonstrate the wide range of Al’s professional prowess.

COMMUNITY SERVICE | His passion for helping others is also evident in his philanthropic endeavors like his work with orphans in Sri Lanka after the destruction of the devastating tsunami, and his creation of a Holiday charity event called “From Our Family to Your Family” in which a supporting family is paired up with a sponsored family to provide food, toiletries, and Christmas presents for their children. He takes great joy in being a featured motivational speaker at a local high school for their elite sports teams, offering “Life’s Lessons” to great effect on the kids. Additionally, he is still an active member of his college fraternity – Sigma Lambda Beta at Colorado University in Boulder, a predominantly minority-based organization – wherein he helps to organize scholarship funds and community service activities for his younger brethren.

ELITE FIGHTER & TRAINER | Al’s hard work, dedication and self-discipline is evident in his success as a former member of the United States AAU Karate Team, and in the numerous athletic awards he has received over the years, including his accomplishments as a fighter at an elite level. In his youth, he competed nationally and internationally as an athlete with the Junior Olympics and Goodwill Games. He was also the co-founder of Scientific Martial Arts and Fitness in Westminster, Colorado, where he shared his passion for excellence by coaching numerous amateur and professional fighters, as well helping the everyday person get in the shape of a fighter to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT | The undaunted spirit of perseverance that his parents passed on to him remains at the forefront of everything Al does. Taking on their torch, he is always working hard to better himself, his family, his clients, and his community. Al resides with his family in Colorado.


  • “I highly recommend Al’s book. It is loaded with lots of great ideas that have helped me tremendously.”

    Chris R. | Sacramento, CA
  • “I found Al’s speaking to be packed full of no nonsense relevant information and he is very approachable as well.”

    Kevin H. | Spokane, WA
  • “Started and finished your book today while traveling. Very easy read, simple, and clearly understood. On point explanation and direction/action steps given… Love it. Will recommend it to others. Great job! Well done my friend!”

    Jen G. | Montgomery, AL
  • “Just completed reading your book :). Great job! Many things resonated with me. Ch. 7/8 is some of difficulties in life I deal with. The negative thinking. Though, I try to be positive every day. I’m thankful every day when I wake up and can put my feet on the ground and I can walk!”

    Susan F. | California
  • “I had a chance to read your book. I thought it was good. I was able to implement some of what you wrote on exercise. One of my issues with exercise has always been to try and do too much and then I’d burn out. I like the 21 day approach though to make it a habit.”

    “I’ve decided to do 10 push-ups a day for the first 21 days, then I’m going to add 10 squats and then I’ll add 10 sit-ups. I’m going to add these things slowly and I believe I’ll stick with them over the long haul.”

    Darren M. | Vancouver, Canada
  • “I have been associated with Al now for a few years. Each time I attended his conferences I was always impressed with all his knowledge and abilities. Furthermore, I always left with good and relevant information which assisted me in improving my lifestyle. “

    Hugo R. | Ottawa, Canada
  • “Excellent speaker and all around awesome person! Goes the extra mile to make sure you understand! Very knowledgeable about what he is teaching!”

    Julie V. | Clarksville, TN
  • “Great family man. Honest & ethical! Proud to call him my friend! There is no better motivational speaker alive! Might be President one day!”

    Randy V. | Clarksville, TN
  • “I have attended a multiple day seminar where Al was the main speaker. He is very knowledgeable, motivational, passionate and interesting. I take any chance I get to hear him speak.”

    Arvid H. | Denver, CO
  • “Al Philip-Neri is highly knowledgeable in real estate investments and his coaching techniques helped take my investments to another level.”

    Gina A. | Honolulu, HI
  • “Very informative, easy to understand, accessible if you have questions, prompt answers to any questions you may have, trustworthy, honest, a man who has travelled down the roads to success and willing to share his knowledge.”

    Linda C. | Honolulu, HI
  • “I’ve coached thousands of students, spoken at big conferences across the US, and consistently listen to some of the greatest communicators in America. Al PhilipNeri is one of the most sincere, honest, and motivational coaches & speakers I’ve ever witnessed. I never left a weekend with Al empty or dry but always left encouraged and motivated.”

    Chad Merrihew | Costa Mesa, CA

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