Al Philip-Neri: Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, Public Speaker, Author, Trainer & Coach

Al is a nationally and internationally recognized public speaker on real estate investing and teaching the principles that make up ‘A Balanced Life.’ If you are looking for a dynamic and well poised speaker for your next event, please CONTACT AL  for an in-depth discussion regarding your needs and vision.

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A professional speaker for hire, Al loves to share his message with others. Like many professionals, he understood that the majority of effective investment strategies are not taught in real estate schools. Consequently, Al embarked upon an intensive, self-directed path of study with some of the industry’s top gurus learning how to implement sound investment principles for consistent and successful returns.

Over the years, Mr. Philip-Neri has completed thousands of successful residential, commercial and investment transactions in 17 markets nationwide – including Denver, Kansas City, Seattle, Detroit, Buffalo, Winter Haven (Florida) and Atlanta, to name a few. His residential investment experience includes wholesale, fix and flips, single-family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, mobile homes, and apartment homes. Al now takes great satisfaction in training others how to generate the same level of personal success on his prolific speaking circuit for Professional Marketing International and Zurixx Financial, which includes all the major “fix-and-flip” shows of HGTV and A&E fame, such as The Flipping Formula, Flipping Vegas and Rehab Addict, to name a few.


Hi Al,
Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to reach out & thank you & R.G. once again for all you taught us at Harrisburg, PA in Spring 2011. You & R.G. inspired me (an Amish farm kid with 8th grade education, laid off from job in 2009, just over broke with a family to feed & with BIG DREAMS) more than you will ever know. You inspired me to believe that no matter I don’t have the money, the rich dad, the connections, or even the knowledge, but that if I jump in and take action I’ll be able to figure it out. That it will work. That I can do it. And Al, you were right… I just want to thank you again for all you did.

Blessings wished – Eli



Drawing on his background as a multi-faceted business owner, sales expert and coach, Al released his first book in October of 2012 – The Formula for a Balanced Life: 9 Strategies for Success – wherein he candidly explains the secrets to take control of one’s life and conquer the feelings of overwhelm that tend to dominate our lives. A consummate professional, Al teaches his Formula for a Balanced Life System on stage and within workshop settings.

Al specializes in customized approaches to holistically improving your financial and personal life. He knows from experience that success equals having a balanced life. Al will train you in bringing synergy to the following 9 categories in your life:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Health
  • Having Fun
  • Protecting Your Family
  • Giving Back
  • Personal Enhancement
  • Building A Positive Support System
  • Why

Some of the clients Al has notably presented for include Jefferson County School District, Fort Morgan County School District, and the State of Colorado, to name a few.

To learn more, click here to buy Al’s book: The Formula for a Balanced Life: 9 Strategies for Success.

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