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“If you don’t have a plan for your life, someone else will” Read in a Chinese fortune cookie

The formulafor a balanced life

Learn The Secrets Of Controlling Your Life; Feeling Overwhelmed No Longer Needs To Be The Answer!

About Al Philip-Neri

Al Philip-Neri: Performance Coach, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author

AL PHILIP-NERI is a London-born performance coach, public speaker, entrepreneur and author.  In his youth, Al learned the life-changing potential of entrepreneurship through real estate by watching his parents grow from hard-working business owners striving for success to prosperous rental property owners achieving success. This life-changing experience ultimately led Al to develop his own career in real estate as an investor and licensed real estate broker, as well as a nationally and internationally recognized public speaker on real estate investing and sharing the principles that make up ‘A Balanced Life.’ 

AUTHOR & COACH | Drawing on his background as a multi-faceted business owner, sales expert and coach, Al released his first book in October of 2012 – The Formula for a Balanced Life: 9 Strategies for Success – wherein he candidly explains the secrets to take control of one’s life and conquer the feelings of overwhelm that tend to dominate our lives.

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Al’s successful coaching programs have been re-opened, and a limited number of spaces are available!


Al has a keen ability to motivate, educate, and inspire. For every speaking opportunity, Al brings his passion for helping others and his desire to remove obstacles to having a vibrant life. Whether speaking to athletes in small groups, leadership teams in executive offices, or on stage in front of an audience of thousands Al’s message always powerfully resonates.

Your income is determined by your philosophy
and not the economy.

– Jim Rohn

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