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Al’s successful coaching programs have been re-opened, and a limited number of spaces are available!

Elite Performance

This program is designed for those that are or want to be world class in life, business, entrepreneurship and athletic performance. In order to be elite, then every aspect of one’s life must be on point and focused. This program is perfect for elite athletes and high level executives and entrepreneurs.

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Balanced Life

Learning how to live your life in synergy is an important skill set for all. The principles discussed will be Money – Time – Health – Fun – Protection – Giving Back – Enhancement – Support – Why. When all of these work together, one achieves a balanced life.

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Real Estate

Al’s real estate background speaks for itself both as a Realtor, an Investor and an International seminar coach. If you want to learn about residential, commercial, luxury or investment real estate set up a time to learn more about Al’s unique coaching programs.

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Money creates opportunity, the question is opportunity for who? - Al Philip-Neri