Over the years, Al has completed thousands of successful residential, commercial and investment transactions in 17 markets nationwide – including Denver, Kansas City, Seattle, Detroit, Buffalo, Winter Haven (Florida) and Atlanta, to name a few. His residential investment experience includes wholesale, fix and flips, single-family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, mobile homes, and apartment homes.

Al now takes great satisfaction in training others how to generate the same level of personal success on his prolific speaking circuit for Professional Marketing International and Zurixx Financial, which includes all the major “fix-and-flip” shows of HGTV and A&E fame, such as The Flipping Formula, Flipping Vegas and Rehab Addict, to name a few.

Al’s greatest skill lies in orchestrating stunning remodels that result in high returns for the investing partners due to his ability to secure materials and labor at below market value. In addition, due to his high-level connections, Al has direct access to some of the best deals nationwide.

So whether you are interested in partnering with Al on fix-and-flip home sales or fix-and-flip rentals, or if you would like to potentially hire Al to be the project manager for an investment you already own, Contact Al to explore the possibilities for your mutual success.

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